About us

The Normandy Company is a Ugandan registered company specialising in the provision of reliable, readily available and sustainable personnel, who are highly trained and experienced in the provision of numerous services needed in areas with high sensitivity and security requirements, key installations and high value commercial concerns.

The Normandy Company personnel are highly trained with extensive experience in various relevant fields like recruitment, human resource management and security.

MISSION: To create better employment opportunities for Ugandans at a local and global level.

VISION: The Normandy Company aims at providing clients with carefully selected and handpicked personnel guaranteed to offer a level of service exceeding expectations. Our experienced head hunters ensure that the personnel deployed at each posting; locally or on a global scale, offer an exceptional and highly professional service to our clients.

We do this by focusing on:-

  1. Follow up of our clients to ensure maximum satisfaction whilst assessing our performance with a view to constantly improving our standards in line with the expectations of our clients.
  2. Continuous training of our already experienced personnel with a view to maintaining high standards and competences in the various service lines provided
  3. Motivation of staff through attractive remuneration packages andacknowledging good service by rewarding for exceptional performance.

At The Normandy Company, we believe that in order to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients, recruitment of a highly skilled and trained workforce remains the raison d’être of our business operations. Indeed our ability to recruit swiftly and efficiently without compromising on the quality of our personnel remains our forte.